Friday, 11 September 2015

My 25th Birthday =]

Hello Everyone =]

So, yesterday was my 25th birthday =] and to be honest it wasn't that bad haha

Nothing much happened in the day as my nan and grandad were round doing the kitchen ceiling so I spent all my time in front of the TV.

My mum had booked a meal at our favourite Chinese restaurant, so at 5pm, i showered and got ready, luckily my mum had taken a hour early off work to go get me a top to wear =] I hadn't had a clue what i was going to wear so that top came in handy.

We got to the restaurant at about 7pm, I ate way too many starters that I wasn't even hungry enough for my main but there food is small so that helps a lot, basically you can order as much as you like for only £12 (per person) Bargain!

I was there with my family and friends and I had a good time, too many weird topics and a lot of laughs =]

I was going to blog about this yesterday, but we didn't get home til 10pm and I was shattered, I blew out my candles and went to bed.
I'm one of those people that hate it when happy birthday is sung, it makes me so embarrassed and plus my cake was at home so it was a perfect opportunity to do it before bed =]

It's very tasty =] 

I'm having an extended birthday weekend, I received £50, so me and my mum are going shopping, I cant wait =] Then on Sunday, I have my birthday meal with my dad, which I'm looking forward too as well. 

Now onto presents =] the best bit I think!

The first thing I got was a pair on trainers my dad bought me a week a go as I needed new ones

The next item is from my mum, apparently there is another item but it hasn't arrived yet haha =]

I adore this, its such a nice smell, I'm going to have to be sparingly with it as its only 30ml! 

And these items are from my sister =] 

 Notebook and Pencils

 Cat Highlighters 

 Pocahontas - She's my favourite disney princess and she is so attractive =]

Love =] 

My auntie bought me knickers and socks, but i thought best not to put them on here. 

I enjoyed my birthday this year and I feel very loved with the amount of people on twitter saying happy birthday to me, it means a lot. 

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Will write soon, Emma xxx

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