Thursday, 29 October 2015

CleverCard's Review

Hello Everyone =]

Today, I have a review for you from a company called CleverCards.

They do any type of card, invitations and calenders, you can either personalise them or not, its your choice. I decided to personalise a card instead.

The website itself, is easy to use, you pick the card you want, design how you want the front to look like, write a personal message inside or keep the one in there like I did, preview your finished product.
Choose whether you want it in standard or large. You can also choose if you want it in matte or glossy which is a great idea.
Then proceed on to putting your address in and your payment details.

I went for a Halloween design and chose a picture of my dad that i thought was very fitting.

I received this card, 2 days after purchase, which is a great time scale, especially if your late with sending a card.

The pricing for these cards depends on how many you get. So for me, this card would of cost me £3.38 and 60p delivery. It's a very reasonable price for a card that is rather thick and good condition.

You can find CleverCards here: Website

Hope you like my review =]

Love, Emma xxx

*This card was sent to me for review purposes. 

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