Wednesday, 7 October 2015

The Fall Spice Tag =]

Hello Everyone =]

Saw this tag on Lose The Road and I thought it was time for an autumn/fall tag.


1. Bath & body works candles or yankee candles? I wish I could get bath & body works candles in the UK so it will have to be yankee candles for me.

2. Favourite fall accessories? Scarves, gloves and fluffy socks.

3. Uggs or moccasins? Neither, I'd rather have my snow boots.

4. Fuzzy socks or knee socks? Fuzzy all the way =]

5. North face or columbia? Never heard of either of them.

6. Favourite fall food? Pie and chips, noodles, roast dinner.

7. Red or pink lips? Pink, I don't suit red at all.

8. Winged eyeliner or bold eyeshadow? On me, neither. On someone else, I love bold eyeshadow.

9. Natural/cold/light or bold/warm/dark makeup? On me, neither. One someone else I love both looks.

10. Apple pie or brownies? Such a hard choice but it will have to be apple pie and custard.

11. Would you rather cook the food or eat it? Eat it =] I'm rubbish at cooking.

Would love to see your answers =]

What do you love about fall?

Will write soon, Emma xxx

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