Sunday, 15 May 2016

Eurovision Song Contest 2016

Hello Everyone =]
If you didn't know, last night, was the Eurovision finale and OMG it was amazing!
As usual I will show you what countries I loved.
I don't care who wins, I watch it for the music!

And OMG Justin Timberlake performed, he was amazing!

My Top 3

Czech Republic - I Stand

Australia - Sound of Silence

Russia - You Are The Only One

Other Favorites

Israel - Made of Stars

Serbia - Goodbye

Poland - Color of your Life

Spain - Say Yay!

And of course, this year's winner is Ukraine
Congratulations to them!

Sweden did an amazing job at entertaining us, especially Petra and Mans giving us some vocals.

Can't wait for next year =]

Would love to know who were your favorites?

Love, Emma xxx

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