Sunday, 22 May 2016

SanitaryOwl Review

Hello Everyone =]
Lets talk about periods!

The kind people at SanitaryOwl sent me a sample box to review.
There is nothing wrong with talking about menstruation, its natural and companies like this can make your experience easier.

SanitaryOwl helps you curate your own bespoke box of products and absorbents, with added extras, such as liners, chocolate, heat pads and ibuprofen. Once you have chosen your products, you can sit back and relax til your box arrives.

Subscriptions start at £3.99 per month with the extras from 99p. All boxes are sent by free owl mail.

I love the cloth bag that came with this. 

SanitaryOwl don't just do boxes like these, they also have "first" period boxes, eco femme pads and liners, a guide to periods and puberty, mooncups and knickers. 

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This brand is fantastic, I wish they were around when I started my period, at 9 years old, its very scary being the only girl in my school who was menstruating and wearing a bra. 

Yes, it's a scary experience but its natural and the great part of becoming a woman.

Would love to know if you purchase a subscription box? 

Love, Emma xxx

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