Saturday, 25 June 2016

My Purrfect Gift Box June Review

Hello Everyone =]

I have a new my purrfect gift box review for you all, this is the June box and the beach edition.
I fell in love with this box as soon as I opened it and to be honest, I was quite shocked when I had realized that I had been sent another box to review.

This leaflet comes from Protectapet who specialise in garden protection for pets. I also got a voucher for Ruffle Snuffle.

First up i'm going to show you what I received for my cats:
 Omg my cats loved this, managed to share it between two of them. Might be buying this in the future.

 Cutest bowl ever!

This is filled with catnip. I have a few pictures of Sheldon trying this and I've never seen him act the way he does with it. 

Isn't he just a cutie =]

Now here's what I received:
 Obviously there's a beach theme =]

 Catnip inspired lip balm

 Handmade sunglasses case

 Tote bag

 Luggage tags 

Cat eye sunglasses 

I'm so grateful =]
Love this box and I can't wait to use everything on my holiday in October. 
Don't forget the prices start at £20!

So, if you fancy purchasing this box for yourself or someone who loves cats then here are the links you need to know about:

Fingers crossed I will be able to review another box for them =]

Love, Emma xxx

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