Thursday, 16 June 2016

My Purrfect Gift Box Review

Hello Everyone =]

I have a great review for you today. Any cat lovers will love this subscription box and I fell in love with this box as soon as I opened it.

First up, I'm going to show you what I got for my cats:

 Handmade Blanket


Handmade Cat Collar

I did try to get my cats to try everything and I did manage to get some pictures. Only 2 out of 3 of my cats liked the treats. 

I even managed to get the collar on Sheldon, even though he doesn't wear them, he pulls it off haha =]

Now time for my bits in the box and OMG best box ever! Love everything!

 Gold foil cats printed on a silk grey scarf


 Chocolate Bar

 Fabric covered buttons

Dried flowers necklace - my favourite piece. 

This box is truly amazing, for humans and cats a like. It's definitely a must. I received the standard box which starts off at £20.95! Bargain for everything you get! 

My Purrfect Gift Box Links:

I'd love to know if you subscribe to this box =] 

Love, Emma xxx

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