Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Fun In The Sun Essentials

Hello Everyone =]

At the moment the weather is kind of good in Britain, but you never know, it could change dramatically. Saying that, we are having some warmish days, even though some of you are probably jetting off on holiday soon, this post will apply to you as well.

For me, this brand has the best accessories for sunny days and I'm going to show you, what I think would be the best essentials from this website.

I am of course talking about Accessorize =]

I love kaftans, there light and easy to pack away and some protection from the sun - £32

 I can't wear flip flops, but these are perfect for me - £15.40

 I love studs, they are small enough to carry around and wont get broken, plus these will go with any outfit - £12

Beach themed accessories are a must - £8

I don't know about you but even if there is a hint of sun, I always wear my sunglasses and I love these, I need a new pair so bad - £12

 Beach towels are a must, not just for drying yourself off but for sitting on - £20
 I love these fans, I usually use a piece of scrap paper to waft myself but purchasing this is a must - £5

 Not everyone will like your music so be nice and wear these stylish earphones (at least no one will talk to you haha) - £10

 These are great for summer, I love drinking water out of mine, better if they are plastic though - £6

 You never know when creativity is going to strike so a nice summery notebook is a must - £10

 Makeup bags are great, i've been known to use them as little handbags because they are just so cute and most of them are waterproof - £10

 Shopper bags like this one are great for the beach, they hold everything and usually are quite cheap so if it does get ruined, you can just easily replace them - £5

Lastly, this bag is adorable, I really want this, I would use it all the time, summer or winter and get it while its on offer as well - £22.

So that's it, i love everything and if I had the money I would buy everything off that website. 

Would love to know if you purchase anything off Accessorize?

Don't forget your sun cream! Even if its cool, its still sunny, so protect yourself!

Love, Emma xxx

*This is not a sponsored post, this is all down to me. And I did take the pictures off the website.  

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