Monday, 26 December 2016

What I Got For Christmas 2016

Hello Everyone 🎄
Hope you all had a wonderful day. Mine was very pleasant, I spent mine at home with my mum and sister, getting up at 8am to open presents together (I also got this mini lightbox off my mum)

We listened to festive songs and watched some films. My mum cooked this year and OMG it was amazing. Even though we don't have a dining table anymore, we managed =] we had prawn cocktails for starters then moved on to the main:
It was so tasty and so filling, couldn't move afterwards and I was full for hours. As it got later on, my auntie and uncle came round to open more presents and feast on more food, which at this point, I was still full from dinner, I didn't nap at all yesterday, then decided to take myself off to bed at the early time of 8pm, I was so tired and full.
I had a good time this year and I'm grateful for all the presents I received and I am happy with all the presents I gave too, seeing my sisters face light up when she opened her presents was an amazing feeling.
Now on to the best part of this post: What I got this year:
 Die cut and emboss machine

 We ended up playing this last night, it was a lot of fun =]

I did good this year =]

Would love to see what you got so leave your links in the comments please =]

Til next year 🎄

Love. Emma xxx

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