Monday, 18 June 2018


Hello Everyone 😊

Feel like I've let you all down again, I promised I would go back to blogging more and I haven't, I know I make excuses all the time and I'm sorry. But when you don't have anything to blog about then I can't force myself. 
If you don't follow me on Twitter then you wouldn't of known that I had a health issue. On Thursday morning I was just playing on my laptop, it was about 1am and I felt a sharp pain in my stomach so I went the toilet. After coming back down, I decided maybe it was time to go to bed, as I lay down the pain intensified, I've never felt pain like it. I wobbled up the stairs and cried help for my mum, she called 101 and I managed to speak to the lady, she told me to take 2 paracetamol then called an ambulance. 
The pain was weird, I had it in my boobs, stomach and back, I also felt sick and I was burning up. The only way to describe it is that if someone had wrapped a belt round my waist and kept pulling harder over and over again. Lying down worsened it. So breathing through it was my only option.
By the time the ambulance arrived, I had took the paracetamol and the pain started to ease. 
The paramedics came at about 2.30am, they were very nice. I had my blood pressure and blood sugar taken, also an ECG which were all clear. It got to 3am and the pain had almost gone, after doing the paperwork, they left. I crashed out about 4am, ended up waking up at 7am though. 
I felt fine, no pain, just tiredness. 
My mum got me an appointment at the doctors for 11am and she came with me. The doctor was very nice, she checked me over and said that there's nothing much we can do as the pain passed with paracetamol but she did say, if it were to happen again then to go back for blood tests to be checked for IBS. 
6 days prior to this happening, I had the pain but managed to breathe through it and put it down to wind. Except I've never felt or had wind pain like that before. So, its a bit weird!

After that excitement, nothing much has happened. I did forget to write a post on the 5th June as it was my 6 year blogiversary. But wow, 6 years and I'm still sort of committed to it. I love you all though for still sticking with me and my terrible none existent schedule. 

As for my healthy eating, I am still kind of doing it, still sticking with my smoothies in the morning and I love being able to drink milkshake, especially when its dairy free. Alpro is the best! 
On Saturday it was weigh day and I haven't gained or lost any more weight but I do need to start walking again, I have no excuses there besides I'm lazy.

Til next time, 

Love, Emma xxx

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