Saturday, 2 February 2013

02/02/2013 - Poems =]

Hello Everyone =]

So early this morning i couldn't sleep so decided to write two poems, i am undecided with what to call one of them.
I used to write poems all the time, it helps pass the time and i enjoy writing different genres =]

Here's the first one: Help Me

No one can hear me,
No voice to echo my words.
I cant see, nor talk, just listen.
The silence is hurting.
There has to be someone out there.
Help me!
I feel nothing.
What's happening to me,
Am i being punished.
There...........A sound,
In the distant, 
What is that, 
Wind approaching,
Blowing me,
Rescuing me,
I'm free!

Second poem: Unnamed

Her skin as white as chalk,
Glistening blue eyes like the ocean.
Her lips softer than silk,
Her breath is shallow yet warm,
Her heart being slow,
Her palms sweaty, knees shaking.
She draws me in,
Her eyes haven't left my gaze.
She's the one,
The one who saw everything.
Pressure builds,
Her heart beats faster.
Her vacant expression tells me nothing.
She falls,
Her heart stops making that rhythm that i long for.
She is nothing, no one!
No more!

Hope you enjoy these =]

Will write soon, Emyii xxx

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