Monday, 4 February 2013

04/02/2013 =] Books =]

Hello Everyone =]

Today I'm going to talk and show you my favourite books =] some of them i haven't read since i was little but they will always have a special place in my heart.

 I love these two books, the first one on the left is my favourite out of the two, these books are a bit rude but they follow the life of a girl and you get to see what happens between her and her lovers and what goes on in work.

I've only read this book a few times but from what i can remember, it pulled me in from the start, its a fantasy book about a girl who is a werecat.

This is my greatest purchase, it talks about everything wiccan and how to get started in wiccan life, has some fun tips and tells you what you need to do.

This book was a random purchase, i just wanted to know whether the da vinci code was real or not, it has some great facts about the era, its a good read to those who want to know the truth.

I bought this book after i attended a confidence course and the tutor recommended us to buy it, so i did, I've only read it once but it helps a lot with people who need a boost.

These two are not really books, they are just pictures but there really funny, if you want to see bunny's trying to kill themselves anyway.

This book is amazing, i came in handy one day when i didn't know what bird i saw whilst i was on holiday in Anglesey  it only has birds in the British isles though, but good if you want to know what birds look like and where you can find them.

I loved these books when i was younger, there so colourful with loads of pictures but manage to explain the whole story as well.

This book is really sad, i think it was bought for me after my dog died, its just nice to read if you have or have lost a dog.

Every little girl should read this book, its amazing, its about a little girl and her family who move to the prairie and start a fresh.

I have a lot of jacqueline wilson books but this one has to be my favourite, maybe because its about a cat =]

Beatrix potter books are amazing, the stories are great and every child should read them or even watch them.

This book is rather small and thin but talks about the journey that this cat takes every day, just a short read but very nice to read.

Mog was my absolute favourite when i was growing up, i was obsessed with the first book, that's why it looks a bit broken and battered, but the stories are amazing.

My mum bought me this book because it has my name on the front haha its a good book.

Of course you have all seen these two before, as I've written about them in previous posts, these are amazing, they are fantasy books about a couple who cant be together, just cant wait for the last one which is out in May.

I'm half way through this book and its absolutely funny as hell, I've always liked her and reading about her is even funnier, she's an amazing woman.

So there you have it, my favourite books to this day =] I'm sure if i purchase any more  i will probably write a review on them but for now, I'm going to finish Miranda harts book and then il tell you what its like.

Will write soon, Emyii xxx

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  1. ahh Bunny suicide reminds me of the school days :D you were always showing us them! didn't realise they had a book out though!