Saturday, 16 February 2013

16/02/2013 =] My Sister's Birthday =]

Hello Everyone =]

Today is my sisters birthday and she is 20 =]

Just a quick post about what's happening today.

Me, my mum, my sister, my auntie and my cousin are all going to Chester zoo to celebrate my sisters birthday, haven't been in ages so its going to be nice and see all the animals, i will be taking pictures and i will show you all =]

I also did my nails before but will be showing them to you later when we get back, we are all getting up for 7am to get ready to leave for about 9ish.

And then my auntie will be staying for a mini party in the afternoon.

I'm really excited about going the zoo today, its been years since I've been and i just want to feel like a kid again, i might even get my face painted if i have enough money =]

Will write again later and show you my pictures =]

Emyii xxx

P.s. Click here to see my sisters blog =]

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