Wednesday, 13 February 2013

13/02/2013 =]

Hello Everyone =]

Just got a few things to show you all =]

It started snowing again after being clean from it for a couple of weeks now, its not as heavy but still annoying.

I did this acrylic flower last Friday at college, it was meant to be one flower but it ended up being two haha, i think its pretty good for a first try.

I received my new beauty book today, i love this catalogue, it has everything in it that you need to start your own business or for college.

Yesterday my mum came home with these for me, haven't tried out the colour yet, but might do later once I've woken up properly haha

These are some of my Easter designs =]

Took these pictures with my phone so some of them might be a bit fuzzy.

Also happening this week is, I'm going to Chester zoo with my family on Saturday for my sisters birthday and then for a meal with my dad and on the Sunday, a meal with my family. I'm just hoping the snow has gone by the weekend, because i don't want it to ruin everything.

Will write soon, Emyii xxx

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