Sunday, 10 March 2013

10/03/2013 =] Nail Art Collection =]

Hello Everyone =]

So finally I'm going to show you all my nail art collection and storage =]

Lets start off with my first box =]

This box contains my extra acrylic stuff, the top section is glitters, then the middle has brushes, powder and liquid and the last section has hexagons, shreds and soft colours.

The second box, mostly has my swatches in them and some extra bits.

 Box of bows and Christmas stickers


 Plastic shapes

 Some of my swatches and nail art

 Three of my nail art pens

 Sailor moon colours

 Easter swatches

 Random swatches

 Valentines day swatches

 More random swatches

 Nail Brush

 Two bottles of clear polish, a tube of glitter, flat gems.

Round gems

The next box has my old stuff in from years ago but sometimes i do use it, in case I've run out of something.

 Cuticle nippers, two brushes, crystal file, gem picker and cuticle pusher

 Stamping polishes

 Fimo canes

 Unopened stamper and scraper

 Files and toe divider

 Square gems


Striping tape

The last couple of bits I'm going to show you are from my kit that i use for college =]

 These are the rest of my nail art pens

And that's it for my nail art =]

Hope you enjoyed this rather long post =]

Will write soon, Emyii xxx

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