Thursday, 21 March 2013

90's Kid Tag =]

Hello Everyone =]

Today I'm going to do the 90's kid tag =]

Let's get started!


  1. Favourite Toy's? Loveable bears, Sky dancers, Polly pocket, My dear diary, Casey cartwheel.
  2. Favourite Advert's? I cant really remember any adverts.
  3. N'sync or Backstreet Boy's? I love them both but it has to be n'sync.
  4. Weirdest Fashion Trend? Octopus Pants.
  5. Favourite Collectable? Pokemon Cards.
  6. Favourite Beanie Baby? My favourite is hippitty, he is a green rabbit.
  7. How Many Tamagotchi's Did You Go Through? Only one to be honest.
  8. Favourite Game System and Game? GameCube and The sims or Zelda.
  9. Favourite Disney Channel Original Movie? Halloween-town, They still play it every year and every time i watch it because its amazing.
  10. Favourite Music Artist? Britney Spears.
  11. Favourite Nick Jr. Show? Blue's clue's.
  12. Favourite Candy? Push Pops.
  13. Favourite Game? Scrabble or Kerplunk
  14. Favourite McDonald's Happy Meal Toy? Anything.
  15. Favourite Book? Mog the cat and The rainbow fish.
  16. Favourite Clothing Store? To be honest, i cant remember, i think most my clothes were bought for me by my mum.
  17. What Would You Watch When You Got Home From School? Pokemon, Sailor Moon, Cardcaptors, Xena.
  18. Favourite TV Show's? Kenan and kel, Sabrina the teenage witch, Power rangers, Little bear, Dinosaurs, Gladiators, Clarissa explains it all, Alex mack, Pokemon, Sailor Moon, Cardcaptors, Xena, Hercules.
Here are some pictures to show you some of my favourite things =]

 Casey Cartwheel

 Loveable Bear's

 Sky Dancer's

 My Dear Diary

 Polly Pocket

Hope you like this tag =] I would love to know what you liked back then.

Will write soon, Emyii xxx


  1. used to love lovable bears :)

  2. Ive still got mine and it still smells nice :-) thanks for the comment

  3. haha I used to have the same polly pocket. I love this tag :)