Thursday, 28 March 2013

28/03/2013 =]

Hello Everyone =]

Just a quick update for you all =]

On Tuesday, i was in college and i did a pedicure on a client, kind of failed my assessment, because i kept forgetting the next steps and i was 15 mins over my time, so after the two weeks that we are off for Easter break, i need to get my assessments done and dusted before i finish college at the end of June  i have 4 manicures, 4 pedicure, tips/overlays, natural overlays, rebalance and a soak off to do plus nail art, otherwise i will fail and doing the course would be for nothing and its my only want of getting into level 3 in September. so I'm slightly stressed about that, also the amount of exams I'm going to have as well, I'm really not looking forward to doing them, i have two when i come back on the 16/04/2013, one of them is my English resit and if i fail that one then i have to fork out money to pay to do it again.

Nothing much else has been happening with me, unsure what I'm going to do over the Easter break, probably mong out in front of the TV mostly.

Will be doing Easter nails though, so I'm kind of looking for designs i can do before then.

I'm sure my next post will be more enjoyable than this one haha =]

Also wish i was going on holiday this year as the weather is a bit poo in the UK right now, its cold and has been snowing =[

Will write soon, Emyii xxx

P.s just a picture of a bunny to make you smile =]

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