Sunday, 17 March 2013

The Movies Tag =]

Hello Everyone =]

Here's another tag for you, this one is the movies tag =]

Let's get started!

The questions:

1- Favorite movie of all time? It will have to be the fifth element.

2- Favorite scene from that movie? The end, where there just about to save the world and corbin tells leeloo that he loves her.

3- Favorite actors /actresses? Ryan Renolds and Angelina Jolie.

4- Most annoying actor/actress? Arnold schwarzenegger and vanessa hudgens.

5- Best director? Steven Spielberg. 

6- Favorite guilty pleasure film? Moulin Rouge.

7- Favorite tear jerker? My sisters keeper.

8- Character from a movie that scared you the most? The creeper from jeepers creepers.

9- Movie you love everyone hates? House of flying daggers.

10- Movie you hate everyone loves? High school musical.

11- Favorite movie duo? Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in Mr and Mrs Smith.

12- Favorite animated movie? How to train your dragon.

13- Actor/actress crush? Milla jovovich.

14- Favorite movie villain? Bane in batman.

15- What movie surprised you the most? Salt.

16- If you could only keep one movie what would it be? The Fifth Element.

17- Movie recommendation and for whom? Memoirs of a geisha and for anyone who loves the culture.

18- If you could go back in time and marry actor/actress from back when (now old) who wld it be? George Clooney.

19- One remake you wish had never been made? King Kong.

20- About to die but could only watch one more movie what would it be? Resident Evil.

21- Favorite movie genre/favorite movie from that genre? Romance and Under the tuscan sun.

22- What's the first movie you remember watching in theaters? I watched the first ever pokemon movie.

Hope you enjoy this tag =]

Will write soon, Emyii xxx

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