Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Blogmas Day 16 =]

Hello Everyone =]

Yes, I know, its been a while, been a bit busy, finally moved my sister into her old room so we can finally get the Christmas decks up tonight, cant wait! This has to be the latest we've done it. I don't feel christmassy at all.

Anyway, this post is about all the lovely things I've received in the post recently =]

First are the things I bought myself:
Technically my sister got me this but isn't it cute?

I got these 3 items from Simply Be.

 Superdrug - Barry M in Sparkling Amethyst

 I bought 2 packs of baubles and lights from B&M, I'm not sure where the tree came from as I've had it for quite a while.
It's so pretty at night.

New Christmas themed phone case. 

This second lot of pictures is from a giveaway a won from Beth

 This smells like deep fruity floral.

 I already own one of these so I'm going to give this one away as a Christmas present.

I've given this to my sister, its suits her so much and she loves it.

The last few bits came from Prairie Charms as part as my Christmas stocking from them:

I did get another item but I've wrapped it for my sister. 

So that's it, do you like what I got? 

I cant believe were on single digets already! 

9 days left! 

Love, Emma xxx

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