Friday, 18 December 2015

Blogmas Day 18 - Decorations =]

Hello Everyone =]

We finally put our decorations up last night and the house looks so much better.
 It was my turn to decorate the wall tree, so as you can see, its mostly jewel colours with some silver in it as well. Also the lights are coloured but they don't show up.

 Were not religious but I always put the nativity set out every year. 

 Me and my sisters stockings.

 My mum and sister decorated the main tree this year and this is what they came up with, this tree has white lights on. (Not pictured, but we put blue lights round the bay window)

If you saw my blogmas posts from last year, you would of seen this, but this time, I attached mine to my door. 

What do you think of our decorations?

I love my tree! 

Do you have a theme this year?

7 days left!

Love, Emma xxx

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