Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Blogmas Day 8 - Love/Hate Tag =]

Hello Everyone =]

I was nominated by the lovely Sami to do this tag.

I have done this before but I will make it a Christmas edition instead =]

The rules are: write 10 things you love and 10 things you hate then nominate 10 bloggers to do the same. I'm going to nominate everyone as I cant choose 10 haha.


  1. Food - Stuffing with gravy - that would just be my Christmas dinner if I cooked it!
  2. Lights - There is just something about Christmas lights that just make me happy, do I sound weird saying that? 
  3. Decorations - I love seeing the new decorations that shops bring out, every year is different. 
  4. Countdown - The countdown to Christmas makes me so excited, especially when there is a chocolate calender involved. 
  5. Presents - I love shopping for presents, I love finding things people are going to love and wouldn't even think about buying it themselves. 
  6. Films - I don't buy DVD's so waiting til the end of the year to watch a Christmas film gets me very excited. 
  7. TV - Christmas TV specials are amazing, everyone is so happy and usually one of my soaps ends with a cliff hanger. 
  8. Blogging - I love anything Christmas related and seeing other peoples decorated trees and houses makes me happy. 
  9. Decorating the tree - I think it has to be the best bit. 
  10. Family - Being with family and enjoying each others company. 


  1. Christmas Shopping - People go far too crazy when it comes to present shopping, that's why I do mine online. 
  2. Family Fallouts - I don't get to see all my family any more due to fallouts, so it can be a bit sad when you want to see everyone and you cant. 
  3. Frost/ Ice/ Snow - It looks pretty but I hate walking on it, so many times I have fallen over and hurt myself. 
  4. Sales - As much as sales can be a good thing, but black Friday and cyber Monday can be really dangerous, i always hear in the news that people have been trampled on or died from being crushed to death. People should not turn into animals.
  5. Christmas Cake - Yacky! 
  6. Receiving Presents - I think this is because of my aspergers but I hate opening presents in front of people, just looking at my face to see my reaction so I get highly embarrassed and I cant express my feelings, so there is a chance of resting bitch face. 
  7. Animals - People seem to use the colder months to leave pets outside and I hate those people, animals should be cared for this month and not thrown away. 
  8. Candles - Okay I'm not saying I hate candles but there are some scents that shouldn't be made, I'm not fond of most Christmas smells, I'd much prefer something fruity.
  9. Queues - The queues in supermarkets is horrendous at Christmas, I want to shop in peace not be pushed about. 
  10. Decorations - I hate when decorations break, especially new lights for the tree, I spent most of last year putting lights on to take them off to buy new ones to put back on the tree so technically I decorated the tree 3 times. (Never again)

Hope you like this post, as I said above, I tag everyone =] 

17 days left!

Love, Emma xxx

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