Tuesday, 29 December 2015

What I Got For Christmas =]

Hello Everyone =]

This post is well over due, if you follow me on twitter, you will know that I've been ill, I've got a cold, today is first day that I am able to look at a screen without getting dizzy so that's why this post is late.

My Christmas was okay, I didn't end up going to my dads because of being ill so i just stayed at home, I've mostly been trying to sleep to be honest, its hard when your nose wont stop running or you cant breathe lying down because your boobs crush your chest so that's why I've been distant. I am currently suffering from a nasty cough now and the mingingist taste in my mouth, fingers crossed to go into the new year, healthy (well, a bit healthier than now).

These are not the best pictures I've taken but you can see what I go so lets get to it!

(My mum has just handed me a box of chocolates, because she forgot to wrap them)

 Been playing this game none stop, so addictive =]

(Not pictured) I also got socks, which I've been wearing all the time because they are so fluffy, £15 and a £10 voucher for Superdrug.

Love what I got this year =]

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Love, Emma xxx

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