Tuesday, 26 January 2016


Hello Everyone =]

I've decided to finally start dieting!

I've always been big, but now its just a joke, buying clothes, especially pants is embarrassing and I'm struggling to walk.

So, I've decided to start with the slim fast diet, I wont be completely following their diet as I'm a picky eater but I will be following my calorie intake and what I can and cant eat. My dad kindly bought me my first batch of stuff, I got the banana shake mix, meal bars and pretzels. I am also drinking water, but haven't started exercising yet, i have a doctors appointment next week to talk about how i can exercise without causing complete agony in my knees. I just need the motivation to push me.

Can't wait to go shopping, I have also bought myself a blender so I can make smoothies =]

I quit smoking, I'm sure I can do this!

Do you have any tips for me? or recipes?

Love, Emma xxx

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