Monday, 11 January 2016


Hello Everyone =]

It's been a while since I last updated you about my life so here it goes.

Tomorrow is a big day for me, I'm having a root canal done and to be honest, I am crapping myself, I've never had one before and he's assured me that its going to be okay. It's just I've heard stories of it hurting afterwards or having to have the tooth pulled anyway and I cant have that as its a front tooth and I've only got the two top ones, I'd look stupid with just one. Been nervous about this since I've known about it before christmas.

Also have some exciting news, I will be setting up a business on Etsy to sell my cards, it wont be soon though, I have to build my stock up first but I will tell you when its live and that will be my job.
I made this card for my sister.

I have also decided to finally get into scrap-booking, I've always found it amazing and love seeing what people create and now I want to have something I can keep forever and look back on.

I'm also hoping to up my blogging game this year, I want to go to events and meet all the lovely bloggers I talk too on twitter, even if I have to take my mum with me as I cant travel alone haha.

Have you noticed I use "also" a lot? Kind of annoying haha! I will find a new word next time.

Any criticism about my cards would be much appreciated? And any tips about selling on etsy as well?

Love, Emma xxx

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