Sunday, 24 January 2016


Hello Everyone =]

I finally went shopping yesterday and spent my vouchers I got for christmas. First I went to superdrug and got these:
These are the best for my skin. 

 There is something about fruity shower gel that I love, the orange one has a stronger scent but they both smell amazing.

 My sister already had a bottle of this in the bathroom and I used it, so decided to buy my own.

Finally got some new ear plugs, as my bedroom is now situating next to the kitchen, sometimes it can get a bit noisy. 

The next shop I went to was next, as I cant fit into their clothes, I decided to buy from the home-ware section instead:
 Got a new fitted sheet and it also comes with 2 pillow cases.

These were £3 each and I'm currently using them to hold my washi tapes. 

Afterwards I went to the range:
Yay sharp scissors! 

And lastly was asda:
We had to get a member of staff to reach the top shelf to open the packet so I could get two boxes of these, soon they will probably take them off the shelves but I'm addicted. 

Also, last week I bought a candle from simply be:
I love this, anyone like it too?

Last week, I did my first scrap book page =]

Do you like it?

And I also have some bonus pictures of playing with Sheldon yesterday as well:

He loves his fishies on a stick =]

Sorry that I have been distant for a while, hopefully this post filled a void =] 

Love, Emma xxx

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