Monday, 5 September 2016


Hello Everyone =]
On Saturday the 3rd, I was invited to celebrate 10 years of Mococo at the Birkenhead store.

So much prettiness in one store, I've heard of most of the brands and I took a ton of pictures, wish I had unlimited amount of money so I could of bought everything haha. 

Mococo was founded by Maureen and Lee Hooson in 2006 and has been going strong since. It was nice being apart of celebrating 10 years with mococo. 
If you've never heard of Thomas Sabo then where have you been. I love everything and took a few pictures of my favourite things.

I just love how cute the charms are, and I wouldn't mind my own charm bracelet =]

I had never of heard of this brand before, but I did fall in love with their daisy pieces and daises are my favourite flower so I couldn't resist. 

Love, love, love Chrysalis bracelets.

I've fallen in love with everything, I took more pictures of pieces I loved.

I am so grateful that I could be apart of this, I even got a goodie bag =] 

 Uno De 50 jewelry wrap

 Thomas Sabo bath fizzers

I'm so grateful that I got a bracelet and OMG I love it, so pretty!

Would love to know if you own anything from these brands or if you have been in Mococo yourself?

You can find them Here

Love, Emma xxx

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