Monday, 12 September 2016

Love With Food Box

Hello Everyone =]

At the #Livhelps event, we all had one of these in our goodie bags, this is a gluten free food box from Love with food I have eaten most of it so I will rate each snack.
 0/10 = yucky!

 6/10 = Gooey but nice taste

 9/10 = Love!

 Quinoa: 10/10, Brownie: 7/10

 10/10 = Love!

 10/10 = Love!

 8/10 = Not as tart as i thought they would be.

10/10 = Love!

I didn't know gluten free could taste so nice and I'm sad that I can't get most of these in the UK. 

Have you ever tried this company?

Love, Emma xxx

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