Friday, 9 September 2016

JimJams Review

Hello Everyone =]
I was recently sent these samples from JimJams through the blogger hangout.

Before I get into the chocolaty goodness, I will explain the company first:

{Kevin & Kelly Bath, parents of young children from Essex, were horrified to discover that there were up to 57 sugar cubes in leading brands of chocolate spreads. Conscious of their childrens health, they started to look for alternatives and found nothing on the market that had both no added sugar and still tasted good so they set about creating their own.}

JimJams first launched in 2014, only really supplying small retailers/ markets and fairs. But now you can buy them in over 539 Tesco stores.

I was sent a recipe booklet too but to be honest, I've only been having it on toast and OMG this stuff is so yummy, you can have a lot of it without feeling sick, unlike with nutella, I don't like nutella at all but I will be buying this once I'm finished.

The best thing about this brand is that they don't just do chocolate spreads, they make fruity jams too so I can't wait to try them too.

Don't forget to check them out Here or even purchase them in your local Tesco.

You can follow them on:

Would love to know if you've tried these?

Love, Emma xxx

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