Sunday, 11 September 2016

My 26th Birthday

Hello Everyone =]
Yesterday was my 26th birthday =]
I woke up early, before my sister went to work and opened my mums presents.
He's a bobble head =]
These are adorable!

I had a good day and night, I spent my morning with my dad, his wife and my half sister, we went to harvester and I got eggs benedict and a mango and apple smoothie, it was very nice. He gave me my presents while we were there.
 Its so cute, it just fits in my hand but its what I wanted, he also got me an SD card for it, the case is a bit late for arriving but he'll bring it next weekend.
My sister got me £20 worth of Matalan vouchers.

After food they wanted to go in M&S so I popped into Superdrug instead and got a two bits,
After coming home, my mum surprised me with birthday cake and flowers =]

It was a bit of a wait til dinner, so I didn't do much. 

I had a restaurant booked for 7pm, it was an Italian, its about £20 per person so bargain =]
I was joined by my mum, sister and her friend. 
I decided to have a J2O mango and apple to drink and garlic bread for starter. 
Then came the mains, in this place, you order 3 dishes for yourself as they are only small but really nice. 
I had Arichini balls, caeser salad and carbonara. I obviously had to have dessert too so I got tiramisu.

My sister also gave me my present there too.

 Pocket sized purse

My birth stone - Sapphire 

I also received money from a few people which will go towards holiday stuff. 

I had a good day, good company and I cant wait to go shopping tomorrow and finally buy bits for my holiday next month. 

Thank you to everyone who wished me happy birthday on facebook, instagram and twitter. 

Love, Emma xxx

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