Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Ms Flow Review

Hello Everyone =]
I have a review for you today, this one comes from a period and subscription service called Ms Flow.

This is everything I received. 
 Massage Balm

 Jelly Beans

 Bath Salts

 Chocolate Bar

 Drinking Fudge

 Shimmer powder in Champagne

 Mimosa and Mandarin Candle

 Organic Tea

 Hand and Nail Cream

Then not forgetting the most important part of the box, the sanitary products. I like that you are given a choice of either pads or tampons and that there are different brands to chose from. 

The subscription is easy to do, you pick how heavy your flow is then what part of the month you want it sent in, then you can chose just to have tampons or pads or both, which is a huge bonus. You can even choose your brand preference as well. You are then able to chose your absorbency preference before picking what payment option you want. 

Month to month is £13.99 + £2.95 and 3 month prepay is £37.77 + £2.95. 

This is a great box for anyone, love the aspect of having beauty items too, its nice to pamper yourself while your menstruating. 

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I also have a special code for you all - SPECIAL30

Would love to know if you get one and what you think about it?

Love, Emma xxx

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