Saturday, 5 November 2016

Lanzarote Holiday 2016

Hello Everyone =]
Really sorry this took so long, everything has been a bit mashed since getting back and my brain doesn't want to do anything.
I went to Lanzarote, for 7 days, with my family. We stayed in a villa, luckily I took some pictures before it got messy haha.

It's very nice, loads of space for 6 people, it has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and loads of little things with it. The supermarket was only a 20 min walk so it was handy to buy loads of food for the week.
The only problem I have is I had the squeakiest bed ever, couldn't cough without it making a noise, it was rather annoying.
I took a lot of pictures of Lanzarote, I love it there, so peaceful and so many nice places to eat as well. I have some pictures of the food I had. Mostly ate pasta, pizza and chinese haha.
 Banana and Mango smoothie

 Melon and Ham - I had this as a started everyday, I love it.

 Lemon Sorbet

Chocolate Volcano

Here are some of my favourite pictures that I took.

It was a nice holiday, could of stayed longer than 7 days. It ended up raining two days before we left but it never stopped us from going out. 
On our last day, we decided to do the lock on the bench thing we kept seeing. It was a nice family remembrance for the holiday. 
Loved my holiday. Spent most of it talking to my 6 year old sister about Pokemon, playing Pokemon go and buying cards and figurines at the local shop. 
I did use twitter a lot during my holiday and update anyone who follows me on there about it. But of those of you who don't follow me, the flight there and back were okay, my sister bought kwells and they seemed to help. Plus the flight itself was good, not that bumpy. I even managed to use the loo which I never do, but on a 4 hour flight, I kinda needed too. 
So if any of you fancy going to Puerto del carmen in Lanzarote, I'd definitely recommend going to La Brisa for breakfast and dinner. Hong kong island for a Chinese. El Minino for really nice Italian food and the best caramel vodka shot at the end of the meal. Sirocco is another Italian that we went too but this one did the creamiest carbonara ever (i miss it). There is far too much to chose from but that was the exciting part. I really want to go back next year, hopefully with my mum this time. 

Hope you like my post =]

Would love to know if you've been to Lanzarote before?

Love, Emma xxx

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