Thursday, 24 November 2016


Hello Everyone =]
It's been so long since I did an update post.

1) I am currently in the process of having a new blog banner designed and I can't wait til its finished. I also want to be a new background as well, unsure whether ill just use another template or actually buy one, might wait til after christmas to do so though.

2) Talking about christmas, who is excited? Only 31 days left, and I'm already half way through buying my presents. And I cant wait til they arrive so I can start wrapping.

3) I have a christmas event that I'll be going to in December as well, which I am looking forward too.

4) I have found out that this year we are doing something different for christmas. My mum wants to cook a roast dinner on christmas eve then on christmas day, we go out for a Chinese takeaway and a buffet afterwards. Not what I want, but I want to spend it with family so I have no choice. Which is a shame.

5) Like last year, I will be making christmas cards this year too. I have so much stuff, just need to find the motivation to start.

6) Even though I love christmas, it always makes me feel like shit, especially in myself, I get so overwhelmed with everything, and people watching me opening presents makes my anxiety sky rocket. It get that's bad that I hide away.

7) Pokemon sun and moon finally came out. I am currently waiting for moon to arrive, I may even give you all my opinion on it too.

8) For the past two weeks I have been suffering with toothache, I am so scared, I know i need to go but i cant seem to force myself to do so.

9) Unsure whether I'll be doing blogmas this year, I always write crap posts when I have to do one everyday so it's just easier to write one when I do something or have something to show.

I think that's it for now, im always on twitter, if you want to chat =]

Love, Emma xxx

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