Sunday, 2 September 2012


Okay so its only been two days since my fiancé left for his holiday and I'm missing him so much but i do have more things to worry about as i start college tomorrow, it would be 2/3 years since i left college and I'm about to become a student again so its very scary.

So today my mum dyed my hair and i painted my nails =] its not a very good picture but i painted my nails dark purple first then put a blue/green glitter on the top.

But tomorrow i have to be up early, unsure about what time, but i do have to be on my bus by 8am, so I'm waking my sister and she will help me with my make up and hair.

My uniform did arrive yesterday but unfortunately it doesn't fit, so i have to send them back then get a size up, so i have to wear a plain black t-shirt with black trousers.

So now, I'm going to relax, going to put a face mask on in a moment, once my dinner has gone down. Probably need to go to bed early tonight =/ hate waiting up early.

Will write tomorrow about what happens, wish me luck =] fingers crossed. Emyii xxx

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