Wednesday, 5 September 2012

First Day of College - 4/09/2012 =]

Yesterday was amazing =]

First of all, i got to college at 8.30am to sort out some money issues then everyone started arriving at the salon area.

We went into the massage room at 9am and all sat down to discuss out timetables and what groups we were going to be in.
Then we went to the conference room to watch a talk with paralympian Anna Jackson, who talked to us about how she is a paralympian and her experiences. It was okay, but i just wanted to get back to the room and learn.
We ended up going for our English "test" which is determine where we are. All we had to do was write why we were on our course, so that was easy enough.
Then we had lunch, which i spent alone but i did ring my sister to talk to her.
After lunch we did our maths "test", which was questions on a computer, wasn't too good with that, as i didn't know much.
We also went back to the massage room and got into groups to brainstorm words about "summer".
Then we all went back to our own classes and were put into small groups of 5 to market a hand lotion, i got along with all the girls in my group and me and Toni will be presenting our product next week, which I'm kind of scared about as i hate talking in front of a large group of people but I'm sure with Toni's laughing, it will be a breeze =]
Then we had a break and came back to practice on each others nails. Even though i didn't take all my nail polish off, i did take one off so Toni could paint it and then i painted some other girls hand. but for Friday, i have to take my nails varnish off and have clean, natural nails which I'm a bit bummed about but at least i can keep them long.
We finished early at 6.45pm and i picked up my kit from main reception and my mum took me home.
Will post pictures about what i got in my kit later as my camera is charging =] i got really excited when i opened though, but i will be using some of my own tools as well.

Will write soon, Emyii xxx

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