Friday, 21 September 2012


Sorry i have not written in a while been a bit down.
But i will tell you about my day at college =]

It was kind of quiet, not many girls pitched up today, there was only 8 of us.
We did pedicures, i did 2 today, one of them involved massage and the girl said it was really nice and relaxing, so i did a pretty good job at it, for being my first time.

Also Emily did a manicure on me =] which i love =]

Also it was a very funny day but one girl was in a right mood and even kicked over a pedicure bowl that I'd just set up so i was a bit pissed about that.

Hopefully will be getting my new phone next week, fingers crossed, its been too long now, i just want it.

Also had my treatment yesterday, my dentist filled my two front teeth and now they look nice and white.

Will write soon, Emyii xxx
Thank you for visiting my blog, feel free to follow and comment, Emma xxx