Wednesday, 17 October 2012


So yesterday i was at college, not fond of Tuesday because both groups are in and also i have to do maths and English so its a bit poo. but yesterday evening we did "twinkle toes" which is glitter acrylics.

So i kind of messed up a bit on the woman i was practising on because the stuff wouldn't bead and i was getting confused on why it was doing that so my friend Toni showed me instead, which helped a lot, just this woman was really bugging me and kept complaining but was being really mean about it that it got past a point where i was that frustrated that i broke down in front of my mum when she picked me up.

So today, when i came back from going the job centre, i decided to try it again on a fake nail, and it turned out pretty good, need more practice though but I'm proud of myself =]
Looks rather good =]

I think i couldn't get it right yesterday because i was stressed and rushing to finish on time.

Any-who i have treatment tomorrow at 1.30pm, hope it will be my last.

Will write soon, Emyii xxx

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