Monday, 22 October 2012

Glitter Acrylics =]

Okay its been a while since i last blogged so ill tell you what I've been up too.

On Friday the 19th i was in college and we were doing glitter acrylics on finger nails, i did emilys and she did mine then in the afternoon we were taught how to remove them properly.

Yesterday my family came round for dinner, and i showed my cousin how to do glitter acrylics by doing my sisters toe nails and finger nails, think I've improved at doing them because i didn't really struggle at all and they came out pretty well.

Also decided yesterday that i needed more colours than just having pinks and purples so i bought 35 colours on ebay for £4.99, i should be getting them in 2 weeks time =]

So when i get them i will be practising at home on people that want them done and will be asking for money for them as well as the extra cash could go towards more nail stuff =]

So this week is half term so I've got Halloween nails to create and health and safety work to revise as the day I'm back, i have an exam on it and also the charity event as well.

Also had treatment on Thursday which went well and i was so happy to be told that it was my last one =]

Will write soon, Emyii xxx

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