Monday, 15 December 2014

Blogmas Day 15 =] Update =]

Hello Everyone =]

I don't have anything planned for today but I still want to keep to blogging everyday. I hope your all well.
I cant wait for Christmas day, I have a great feeling that this year is going to be amazing, as I've managed to buy presents for the whole family =] it feels amazing, buying gifts that i know people are going to love.

My phone app says we only have 9 days and 16 hours left, ahhh so exciting!

Just bought a box of roses chocolates today, we always have chocolate to munch on while watching films =]

I've still got more packages to arrive, except this time, there for me, I've bought some new winter clothes, so when they arrive i might do a haul post for you all.

The weather has been really weird here lately, it was icy the other day and I fell over when walking home from the shop, i managed to bruise my leg but I'm okay, thankfully. It has been raining all day and we've had a lot of rainbows as well.

Hopefully there will be a more interesting post tomorrow =]

Stay tuned, Emyii xxx

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