Sunday, 21 June 2015

Card Making =]

Hello Everyone =]

Sorry, its been a while, I've been waiting to do these cards to make a post as I haven't been up to much recently.

I have finally made cards, i know its taken me a while but i had a lot of fun doing it and i cant wait to make more =]

I firstly made a card for my dad for fathers day! Woop Woop!

I love the way it turned out even though it was my first try, i will be seeing him today at Starbucks for breakfast =]

I also made a card for my auntie who has just come out of hospital.

Even though there not perfect, i gave them away anyway because with more practice, i will be betting better at making them.
I have an obsession with stamps at the moment, and I love getting free ones with a magazine.

About a month a go, i bought these, i have been waiting a month for them to arrive and they did after i made my cards but i will need to practice with them first as i don't understand shading =]

There are a few more things i need to buy but i have to wait til pay day haha =]

Hope you like my cards =]

If you have any tips or criticism then it would be much appreciated!

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Will write soon, Emma xxx

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