Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Sparkly Nails Review =]

Hello Everyone =]

I'm back with a review today from Sparkly Nails

 You can choose to put them on however you like as I've shown below 

This design was used with 3 stencils together to block off the middle of the nail, so the gloss top coat didn't ruin the matte underneath.

I was sent stencils to try out, I have used stencils in the past but as these are small, I would advise to use tweezers to pick them up. I also wouldn't advise using quick drying nail polish either as I found out today.

The way to use these are to paint your nails, wait for them to fully dry (stencils can remove nail polish if it isn't dry enough) then use the stencils to do your design, you can either paint over the stencils then peel them off like i have done or leave them on to be apart of the nail.

These are very fun to play with, and you can create simply to intricate designs with them.

I hope you like this review =]

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