Friday, 4 January 2013

04/01/2013 =]

Sorry i haven't blogged in a while, still recovering from my cold, i have not really been doing much these past couple of days as I've been getting out a breath easily due to the chest infection i have. So i have decided to swatch the new nail varnishes i got for Christmas =] 

The ones I'm going to show you first came in a set, so they don't have colour names on them at all, they are part of the "Only way is Essex" set i got off my fiancé.

The next couple of nail varnishes I'm going to show you are part of a set that my auntie got for me and like the colours above, they don't have names either.

The last ones I'm going to show you are the ones my mum and sister got for me =]

 Revlon Lily

 Revlon Elegant

 Revlon Dreamer

 Revlon Sequins

Barry M Superdrug Xmas

Hope you enjoyed this post =]

Will write soon, Emyii xxx

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