Thursday, 24 January 2013

50 Things I Hate Tag =]

Hello Everyone =]

Time for the second tag of today =]

50 things i hate:

  1. Arrogance - It's just not nice, in men or woman.
  2. Smelly People - It's not nice to smell on a packed bus or train, there should be a class to show people how to wash. 
  3. Being Two Faced - If you have a problem with someone, just tell them, dont bitch behind there backs, it can make the situation worse.
  4. Racism - It doesnt matter what colour we are, its what is on the inside that counts.
  5. Metal - Metal touching metal, the sound just hurts my ears.
  6. Sick - Its rank, and i clean enough of it when my cat throws up.
  7. Being Late - My worst fear is being late to an appointment, so i always leave an hour before i have too.
  8. Pain - Toothache is the worst, but i do suffer with my knees as they get a bit stiff so i hate that as well.
  9. Losing a Loved One - Worst feeling in the world.
  10. Marmite - It's disgusting! Enough Said!
  11. Feet - I hate feet, i hate my own feet, dont like touching them at all and as im on a nail course, i have to do pedicures so i always wear gloves.
  12. Deep Water - As i cant swim very well, i dont like not touching anything so being in deep water, scares me.
  13. Being Judged - I hate being judged without someone knowing what im like first. 
  14. Violence - Theres no need for violence, all the gun and knife crime in this country, in the world, sickins me.
  15. Animal Cruelty - This is a big no, no! This should never happen at all, and anyone who does do it, should feel the same to them, feel what the animals feel.
  16. The Dentist - It's the drills that scare me, the noise vibrating through your head isn't the best feeling in the world.
  17. Low Battery - I hate going out and half way through the day, your battery on your phone is low and you cant do anything about it. 
  18. Being Bored - I'm always bored and i hate it, tend to sleep if im bored, at least it passes the time.
  19. Tiredness - Tiredness is a no, no as well, my body is weak and my brain never wants to work.
  20. Forgetting Something - And this is why i make lists, i hate forgetting things, i always seem to do it, if i havent written it down.
  21. Being Called Stupid - I get it alot, and its only acceptable when i know im being stupid and i call it myself, but its not right when someone else calls me it.
  22. Alcohol - I dont drink so i dont like the feeling of having no control and being hungover the next day.
  23. Having No Money - Im suffering from this now, just wanting enough money to buy food.
  24. Drugs - Drugs are bad for you, id never take them. 
  25. Cancer - I hate cancer, it needs to go away.
  26. Cleaning Toilets - I would never put my hands near a toilet, its not a nice place to clean so i would never clean one.
  27. People Talking with Food in Their Mouths - No one should ever do it, i dont want to see what you are eating and the sound is disgusting.
  28. Holographic Pictures - I think thats what there called anyway, the ones that move when you move it and it changes the picture, if anyone scratches it then the sound really freaks me out.
  29. Marzipan - No one should ever have to eat this, ewwwwww!
  30. Beans, Peas, Sweetcorn - Anything small and round, i refuse to eat.
  31. Ice - Its pretty to look at, but walking on it, isnt the best thing to do.
  32. Heartless People - Dont understand how people can just be so mean and not care about who they hurt.
  33. Negativity - Everyone should be happy, not be negative.
  34. Body Image and Looks - It's what is on the inside that counts, not what's on the outside, but people still judge that way.
  35. Simply Red - Cant listen to them, if i song comes on while im out, whether in the car or out shopping, i have to remove myself and get as far away as possible, for some strange reason, i just cant listen to them without feeling sick.
  36. Being Cold - I hate being cold, i suffer from it more from my feet, they turn blue, its weird.
  37. Aliens - Cant watch any alien films because they freak me out.
  38. Animatronics - I think tthere cool on how they make them, but they scare me so much, so i guess il be missing the dinosaur area of chester zoo then.
  39. Clowns - Scary clowns have always freaked me out, ever since one scared me when i was younger.
  40. Time - I hate having a time limit.
  41. Loud Noise - I cant go to concerts or listen to music really loud as it hurts my ears.
  42. People Not Listening to Me - I hate it when people dont listen to me and talk over me.
  43. The Stringy Stuff in Your Eyes - Unsure about what its called, but i get it all the time, and i can never see with it, its disgusting.
  44. Sexism - Woman can do as much as men can do.
  45. Cramp - I hate getting cramp and not being able to move because of it.
  46. Rude People - Theres no need to be rude when talking to someone.
  47. Being Itchy - Having a constant itch and not being able to get rid of it.
  48. Packed Public Transport - It's just not comfortable and you get crushed by people if there isn't anywhere to sit. Too close for comfort!
  49. Sweating - Sweating is wrong, it smells, we should pant like dogs instead,
  50. Being Alone - I hate being alone and having no one to talk too.

Hope you like this post =]

Will write soon, Emyii xxx

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