Thursday, 10 January 2013

10/01/2013 =]

Just a quick update about what's been going on this week, on Tuesday i went back to college after being off for two weeks for Christmas.

We were told in college that we've got another competition to do, I've picked to do Chinese new year =] so as you all must know now, i cant exactly draw so instead I'm going to do Chinese calligraphy on the nails to represent 10 animals that I've picked out. So this picture will be the one i am going to copy from, and i practised before with nail varnish but it kept drying too fast and wouldn't stroke properly so I've come to a conclusion that il have to buy acrylic paint over the weekend to help me to get the perfect brush strokes.

Also this week, I've become quite obsessed with wanting a filofax, didn't know they would be as expensive as i thought, but i could save up for one, or wait for my birthday (which is in 9 months) any-who i found some pictures on pinterest to show you what i would like my filofax to be like.

The reason behind why i want a filofax, is to structure my life more, to be more organised.
I'm always writing lists, whether in my phone or on paper, and my memories never get written down and i would like something that i could keep forever.

As much as i love writing on here, there are some things, personal things that i cant bring myself to write on here but would like to have for myself to look back on in years to come.

As i told you in my last blog post about the latest in beauty samples that i will be receiving  well i have not got them yet but as soon as they arrive, i will be showing you what i got =]

I hope you all like this post =]

Will write soon, Emyii xxx

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