Thursday, 24 January 2013

50 Things I Love Tag =]

Hello Everyone =]

Saw someone do this tag and thought i would do it =]

50 things i love:

  1. Sleeping - I love to sleep, its the best thing after a long day at college.
  2. Barbie Films - I saw a few when i was younger and every year they keep bringing out more so i watch them, i do love the stories and the cute animals in it.
  3. Nail Polish/Tools - Every time i walk into a shop, i cant help but stay in the nail polish section and just look at the new colours.
  4. Pokemon - Ever since i was younger, i have always been into pokemon, even now, i will still play the games and watch the TV series.
  5. Love - I just love, love! 
  6. Grey Clothes - I'm obsessed with grey clothes, jumpers, pants, tops =] I just think its a nice colour to wear, you can match it with anything.
  7. Going on Holiday - I love going on holiday, getting a tan and enjoying the food. The atmosphere is amazing.
  8. Décor - I love décor, i don't really buy much, but i love looking at it and finding some stuff really cute.
  9. Taking Pictures - I have always been interested in taking pictures, ever since i did photography in school and now i have a new camera that il be able to use soon when i go to Chester zoo.
  10. Making Lists - I love making lists, just being organised and it helps to stop me from forgetting things.
  11. Animals - I love animals, especially my pets, i love watching animal documentaries and playing with my animals.
  12. Fruity Shampoo/Shower Gel - I love to smell like lemons or oranges =] anything fruity, i just love it.
  13. Ornaments - My family tend to buy alot of ornaments, so it isn't a surprise that i do it too.
  14. Being Caring - I love being caring and showing people that I'm there for them if they need to talk, because i will always listen and give as much advice to help.
  15. Reading - I love to read, books, magazines, anything. I like to take in new knowledge =]
  16. Smell of Cut Grass - The smell is divine, its just the best thing ever.
  17. Studio Ghibli - I love studio ghibli films, i find them so cute =] 
  18. Ear Rings - I love studded earrings, i wear them all the time, change them often so i don't get bored.
  19. Chocolate - Who doesn't love chocolate!
  20. Shells - Every time i go on holiday i will always pick up shells that look interesting and pretty.
  21. Autumn - My favourite season ever, all the pretty colours everywhere.
  22. Swimming - I love to swim, not very well, but id happily do widths.
  23. Making People Laugh - I love making jokes and making people laugh.
  24. Soft Toys - I love receiving teddy's, i especially love piggy, every time i go on holiday, i will take him with me, he just reminds me of home.
  25. Pillows - Pillows are the best, there so comfy.
  26. Doing Tags - Everyone loves doing tags =] reading tags =] there amazing.
  27. Being Immature - Everyone does it, i just push it to its limit.
  28. Stickers - I love stickers, any stickers, love sticking them everywhere.
  29. Mango Drinks - Mango is the best taste ever.
  30. Listening to Music - Music can help with anything, it helps me with concentrating.
  31. Dunking Biscuits in Tea - The best biscuits to dunk are caramel chocolate digestives because they never fall into the tea.
  32. Family/Fiancé/Friends - The best people in my life =]
  33. Anime - Love watching anime, my favourites are chobits, fruits basket, peach girl, cardcaptors and sailor moon.
  34. Landscapes - Mountain landscapes get me every time, especially if there is a lake or sea as well, just makes it more beautiful to look at.
  35. Colouring - I love colouring, whether it would be nails or a picture.
  36. Slippers - They keep my feet warm =] warmer than socks do anyway.
  37. Flowers - Flowers are so pretty =] my favourite is bird of paradise =] 
  38. Having My Back Stroked - This sends me to sleep every time, its just so relaxing.
  39. Eyes - The best feature on someone, whether man or woman.
  40. Astrology - Love reading my star sign.
  41. Cards - I think cards can say alot to someone, and i love sending and receiving them.
  42. Shopping - Shopping is a girls best friend and its true, i love it.
  43. Inspiration - Inspiration is around every corner for me, helps with my nail art. 
  44. My Phone - I have it on me always, and i keep everything in it, so if i lost it, i wouldn't know what was going on in the month.
  45. Money - No one can live without money, i love buying things but i wish i had more so i could help my mum out.
  46. Presents - I love buying presents for people, buying something that i know that they will love.
  47. Dressing Gowns - Best thing to keep you warm on a cold night.
  48. Being Happy - Being happy makes other people feel happy.
  49. Playing Games - Love playing games, whether they are on my Nintendo DS or my Xbox or me and my sister being immature and making things up.
  50. My Blog - And last but not least, my blog, its everything to me =] makes me happy that I'm making you happy with what i write =]

Hope you liked this post =]

Will write soon, Emyii xxx

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