Thursday, 7 June 2012


So this entry is going to be about what i want to happen in the future =]

Future meaning tomorrow, next week, next month, next year and many years on.

So this year there are a lot of things happening, first of all i am going on holiday to Lanzarote with my mum at the end of this month, i absolutely cant wait, just to relax for a week without stress and pressure =]

Then in September i start college again, the last time i was in college was when i left school that was when i was 16 and i stayed in college til i was 19, did an IT course which was okay but i did meet my sexy fiancĂ© there though, so something good came out of it =] ever since i finished , I've been trying really hard to find a job, but its been really difficult, for the fact that i don't have qualifications. But I'm 21 now and I've found the perfect college and the perfect course, i will be doing nail art at level 2 =] I've been practising nail art for 3 years now but i know that i will start from the beginning and work my way up.
The course is for a year and i will get a NVQ from it if i pass and if i want to i can apply for the level 3 course and do another year to practise more intricate nail art =]

Moving a bit further forward into the future, i want to get married to my fiancĂ© and maybe have children one day. I also want my own nail art boutique =] even if i have to live above it, i will be happy =] just want my life to kick start now, but i know i have to wait til the perfect moment.

But for now i need to start looking after myself, so i feel good and positive =]

So I'm going to stop smoking and lose weight for college and start making myself look presentable (still need my teeth doing though) =] all in good time though, after i come back from holiday, i will start preparing myself and sorting everything out =]

I need to start living life like its a new start everyday =]

Hope you enjoy reading this =] Will write soon, Emyii xxx

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