Monday, 11 June 2012

What I'll Be Doing Today =]

So today I'll be doing my sisters nails today and my own of course =] I will take pictures of our designs and post them on here for you to enjoy =]

We both want water marble nails so fingers crossed it turns out right.

If you don't know how to do water marbling i will explain now =]

What you need:

  • Room temperature water 
  • Medium sized tub or bowl
  • 1 Orange stick
  • 2 Ear buds
  • Nail Varnishes (None with quick dry)
  • Sticky tape
  • Nail varnish remover
  • Top coat nail varnish 

Step 1:

Fill your tub or bowl up with water, leave to settle as you clean your nails with nail varnish remover.

Step 2: 

Cut two pieces of tape, 1 bit should go below the nail, just touching the cuticle and the other piece should go around the finger like a hood.

Step 3: 

Choose out your colours, preferably 3 or more would be best, make sure they are watery.

Step 4: 

Paint your nails white, two coats would do. Wait for that to dry then start dripping your chosen nail varnishes in to your tub or bowl, making sure all the colours stay in the same circle.

Step 5:

Take your orange stick and start dragging the nail varnish to combine the colours to make your design, just a gentle touch will do, and don't leave it too long til you start doing this process otherwise it wont work and the nail varnish will dry quickly.

Step 6:

Place your nail over your chosen design, and push your finger straight in to the water making sure you don't move, in case you ruin it.

Step 7: 

Grab your ear bud and use that to remove the rest of the varnish from the top of the water, after you have done that, pull your finger out and your design should be done.

Step 8:

Do the rest of your fingers with your design, bearing in mind, it doesn't matter if all of them aren't the same, that's what's so quirky about doing this.

Step 9: 

Remover all the tape off your fingers, being careful that you don't catch your nails on it so would be best to cut it off instead.

Step 10:

Use your top coat to finish off your nails and your done =]

Hope you enjoyed reading this =] If you attempt this, please send me a picture, would love to see your designs =] Will write soon, Emyii xxx

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