Thursday, 7 June 2012

Me =]

Today I'm going to talk about myself and how I've changed over the past couple of years =]

To start off with, when i was about 13, i started discovering new things and ended up following crowds, i was known as a "mosher", i was shy, never really talked to any one at all, didn't join in with anything, wore a lot of black and chewed my nails to death (which I'm really embarrassed about now) but i was like that til it came to leaving school. In my first year of college, i tried to incorporate more colour in to my wardrobe and i stopped biting my nails. And i made new friends, which helped me come out of my shell a bit more.

And then when it came to my second year at college, i wasn't that "mosher girl" any more, i became a bit more open to what i wore and became obsessed with the colour pink =] I still wore black but not as much and the same with my third year.

After leaving college, i started doing my nails properly, it started with just painting them and then got interested in nail art, when i saw a video about a konad stamping set. I became entranced over it and bought my first set, i loved it. As well as finding that, i started to widen my range of music and realised that everything i listened to, i liked.
I also started buying nice girly clothes, loads of colours and variety, more make up and nail art tools (which is growing all the time)

So for saying all this, I'm glad that I've changed, its helped a lot, i have found something that i enjoy and can also do it as a career.

Life isn't worth being stuck in the same frame of mind all the time =] a little change is no hurt to yourself

Hope you liked this entry =] will write soon, Emyii xxx

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