Friday, 15 June 2012

Music =]

I love music, life wouldn't be worth living without music in my life.
Music has changed me over the years =]

If i has a good beat then i will listen to it.
But most of all, i like songs that have meanings, lyrics that capture your feelings and heart =]

For me, its classical music or music without lyrics.
Love listening to Andre Rieu who is a violinist =]
Katherine Jenkins is an opera singer =]
Escala who play instruments =]
Keedie is another opera singer i enjoy listening too =]
And then there HIM, Ville Valo has the most amazing voice ever =] His lyrics are amazing, he opened my eyes to the world with his music. Even his songs have made me cry because there so emotional.

Hope you enjoy reading this, I know its a short one, but at the moment im stuck on what to talk about =] Will write soon, Emyii xxx

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