Wednesday, 6 June 2012

School Life

Okay so its 8.30am and i thought i should write this post as I have been thinking about it all night.

I'm going to start with telling you about my school life (lets just hope i can remember it) =]

Primary School:

It was not the best way to start my life, i can only really remember snippets of it though. It wasn't great, maybe better when i was 4 but as i got older i knew what i was doing. Actually wish i went to a different school then maybe things would be different. The bullying first started at primary school, name calling, being pushed around, stuff like that, nothing really that bad but i didn't do much to stop it, just constantly cry and didn't involve myself into team work and activities.

When i left, i thought it would be different, starting secondary school, maybe everything would change, i was wrong!

Secondary School:

The worst 7 years of my life, the people who bullied me in primary, joined my secondary which made everything worse and yet i didn't help myself yet again. It was all petty stuff like before but eventually got worse, I got into trouble a lot, but i didn't know what else to do to avoid the bullies. I put on an "act" while i was there, to show them that i wasn't scared, sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't. It started with the name calling and the pushing around then it just kept getting worse. I ended up getting suspended at one point because of my "hard act", i did something really stupid (i hate talking about it really). When i came back after a month, things didn't change, people thought i had died! It was shocking to know something like that. I hated being there, so getting into trouble helped, i could be sent out of a class and sit by myself and then it eventually left me to "bunk" school instead, which really didn't help my school work, i loved photography, science and geography, they were the best subjects ever and i loved being there just for them =]

So i left school when i was 16, im now 21. And i don't miss it at all, maybe if it panned out different then maybe i would have better friends and qualifications but it didn't. Okay, being there did make me the person i am today, i wouldn't be so random and weird if none of that happened but i still wish i could go back in time and change a few things about it.

Hope you liked my new entry =] will write soon, emyii xxx
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