Saturday, 16 June 2012

I'm now on single digits =] its only 9 days til i go away and i really cant contain my excitement =]

I re-packed my case last night, only took out two dresses and two tops and its still really heavy but that might just be me (i have no upper body strength) =]

This next week is going to be my busiest, i have a lot to do =] fingers crossed i get paid on Monday though, really want to buy cosmopolitan mag for the journey =]

Also updated my MP3 last night, so now i have loads of good music to listen too, all i really need to pack now is electronics and I'm all sorted =]

Managed to put a couple of stuff in my hand luggage as well and I've already chosen what I'm wearing =]
So in case your wondering what exactly il be wearing, I'm going to tell you =] but i will post a picture when i come back.

Okay so il be wearing a waterfall top in white with a colourful swirly pattern on the front (my sister gave it to me) also will be wearing black leggings that i got from Matalan =] black sandals that I've had for like 6 years but are really comfy to travel in =] and last but not least, my cowboy hat that i got in Asda =] as it doesn't fit in my case, I'm going to have to wear it =]

So today I'm going to my aunties to see the family =] Also my cousin wants her toenails doing so i will probably do them =] Better get ready to go.

Will write soon, Emyii xxx

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